My name is Greg, 33 years old and living in Belgium. When not spending my time as an acquisition manager at Inclusio, I climb mountains, run the roads, live for music, travel the world, and take pictures. I enjoy Norah Jones as much as Satyricon. A Straight Edge lifestyle is still cool. I don’t eat animals. Peter Steele is king. Morrissey knows all. Live your heart. And never follow. Never.

Contact me for whatever you feel like at greg.lamarche@gmail.com


Previous expeditions:

* Elbrus 5642m – June 2015, Russia (summit)
* Ama Dablam 6856m – October 2013, Nepal (6100m camp II, no fixed ropes above, snow conditions)
* Lobuche East 6145m – October 2013, Nepal (6000m false summit, snow conditions)
* Stok Kangri 6121m – August 2013, India (4500m, bad weather)
* Denali (McKinley) 6194m – May 2012, Alaska (summit)
* Island Peak 6189m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Kalapathar 5550m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Everest Basecamp 5350m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Matterhorn 4478m – July 2011, Switserland (called off due to bad weather)
* Kilimanjaro 5895m – August 2010, Tanzania (summit)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wauw Greg,
    Dit lijkt supercool!! Inderdaad ook wel echt zot, maar zalig dat je bent geselecteerd hiervoor! Gaat Helsinki dan nog steeds kunnen doorgaan?

    Veel succes en tot gauw!

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