It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

After summiting Kilimanjaro in 2010 for our corporate charity, I could not let go of the mountains.

And I realised there is just so much more out there. So many goals to reach. So many limits to pass. So many lines to cross.

People often ask me why I am climbing mountains. Why can’t I just find happiness at home and enjoy a relaxed holiday on an exotic destination. This is what I want to do, this is my call, this is what I enjoy the uttermost in life and what gives me satisfaction. This is what I love to do. The mountains keep me focussed and make me appreciate the small things in life that we as humans love to take for granted. A constant reminder to be humble towards nature and life. They keep me, ironically, down to earth. It is not about reaching the summit, it is about getting down safe and about having fun. And the best climbers are still those who have the most fun.


* Ama Dablam 6856m – October 2013, Nepal (6100m camp II, no fixed ropes above, snow conditions)
* Lobuche East 6145m – October 2013, Nepal (6000m false summit, snow conditions)
* Stok Kangri 6121m – August 2013, India (4500m, bad weather)
* Denali (McKinley) 6194m – May 2012, Alaska (summit)
* Island Peak 6189m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Kalapathar 5550m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Everest Basecamp 5350m – October 2011, Nepal (summit)
* Matterhorn 4478m – July 2011, Switserland (called off due to bad weather)
* Kilimanjaro 5895m – August 2010, Tanzania (summit)


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