Stok Kangri 2013

“We are a blaze in the northern sky and the next thousand years are ours”

One of the most mind-blowing trips so far. Experience of a lifetime. Incredible India, enjoy !

DSC_1433Statue in the Hindou temple in DelhiDSC_1868The Incredible Taj MahalDSC_1862Lost in the worldDSC_1844Taj Mahal entranceDSC_1797LehDSC_1792Stupa in LehDSC_1758Leh palaceDSC_1700Gravi TDSC_1682Rock climbing, top-rope only sirDSC_1677Rock climbing,DSC_1666Rock climbingDSC_1654Rock climbingDSCN0728LoveDSC_1591Stok Kangri trailDSC_1584 Stok Kangri trailDSC_1579Stok Kangri trail DSC_1573Stok Kangri trail DSCN0669Lost againDSCN0653The dragon comes in the nightDSC_1556BlessingDSC_1547Kids will be kidsDSC_1538Leh palaceDSC_1505Khardung La passDSC_1501Another check postDSCN0558Clockwise onlyDSC_1482Vista point IDSC_1480Vista point IIDSC_1471Leh city centerDSC_1467Jama masjidDSC_1456Upper LehDSC_1439Hindou temple in DelhiDSC_1438Garden of Eden

2 thoughts on “Stok Kangri 2013

  1. Hi,
    I’m planning to do SK 16-22 July. Arrive Leh and have 7 days. Cutting it very fine but have climbed to 5800m without issues.
    Are you doing it alone or with a local guide?

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